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July 23, 2009 by Alistair Deneys

Last night we held the first Sitecore Australia and New Zealand User Group meeting in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Note for anyone wanting to hold a user group meeting, don’t do it in a noisy pub if you have presentations to make. 😦

I’d chosen what I thought would be a quiet pub for a Wednesday night. Unfortunately it wasn’t so quiet. Tim Ward and myself both made presentations to the users. Tim talked about OMS and Sitecore 6.1 and I talked about Techniques for sharing content in Sitecore between sites (details on that in another post). It would have been fine if not for the noise which prevented most of the users from hearing anything Tim or I were trying to say.

So for all those that came, thank you and apologies for the noise. We’ll select the next user group meeting venue more carefully. The next meeting we’re also aiming to have in a different city to give more users the opportunity to come to a meeting.

Here’s a few pictures from the meeting.


Some of the users gathering before the presentations.


Start of the presentations.


Tim Ward (Sitecore Solution Architect for Sitecore Australia) presenting Sitecore 6.1 and OMS.


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