The Sitecore Australian and New Zealand users group

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February 2, 2009 by Alistair Deneys

In a recent post, Phil Heltewig announced the Sitecore Australian and New Zealand users group (SCAUG although this is being changed to include our New Zealand members to SCANZUG). This is a community run group to support anyone who develops in or uses Sitecore in the Australia and New Zealand region. And who should it be headed up by? Well, that would be me 🙂 .

Although this group is for people in the region, we’re quiet welcoming of anyone else worldwide who wishes to join. In fact, I know we already have some German members.

So what is it exactly that the group aims to achieve? Well, I don’t know yet. This is a community group run by the community. And although I am part of that community I don’t feel comfortable to speak on everyone’s behalf. This is why I haven’t started with a solid vision. I want the community to help shape that vision and to tell me what it is they want out of the group.

You can check out the group’s website and sign up at . A huge thanks to Sitecore Australia, Phil Heltewig and Alenka Casserman for getting the website up and running and hosting it. This just goes to show the great support this group already has from Sitecore.


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