Quick launch toolbar for Sitecore


July 9, 2008 by Alistair Deneys

One feature I find I can’t live without in a windowed environment is the quicklaunch toolbar. This is the row of icons which sits next to the menu button.

kde quicklaunch

windows quicklaunch

I just find it so handy to launch any commonly used application from there rather than clicking through the menu to look for it. And yes, we can also make use of desktop shortcuts, but to do that you have to minimise all your windows before you can click on any of the icons.

So I decided to bring the quicklaunch toolbar to Sitecore. Well, I can’t take all the credit. My quicklaunch toolbar is based the Start Bar Sections Sitecore client hack that Alexey Rusakov wrote back in 2006.

Sitecore Quicklaunch Toolbar

Jump over to my website and download the Quicklaunch toolbar for Sitecore. This is just the first of many Sitecore tweaks I plan on publishing on my website as I find other ways to enhance aspects of the Sitecore environment.


One thought on “Quick launch toolbar for Sitecore

  1. Good stuff, Alistair.

    Just in case: if you’d also like to add more icons to the right part of the startbar (near the database switcher), you can do so by adding items to core:/sitecore/content/Applications/Desktop/Tray

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